Sally Story

Sally understood she was different right from an early age and she accepted it. When she turned 16, Sally’s mother died and she was forced to go live in the street. Being a lesbian, she was discriminated and underwent brutality.
She reached out to Outward LGBT Community in 2018, to help her move from Barbados. We settled her in the Canada. Sally says that when he first arrived in the Canada she was so excited. She was connected with so many people who were going through the same situation as her. She was also linked with several…


Outward LGBT Helps a Syrian Man to Safety

29-year-old Fahreed Kahlifa is gay, which is illegal in Syria. In his home country, people are arrested if the government finds out they are gay. For the others who are found out, experts say the government makes them disappear and no one ever hears from them again. Although there is a safe circle in Damascus, people still have to hide. If there is even a rumour that an individual is gay, they lose their rights; for example, working for the government or obtaining a passport.
Through outward…

Helping Refugees Is Now Becoming a Contest

The director of the Canadian Council of Refugees recently complained that resettling of refugees is now being politicized. Initially, the resettling was done by the civil servants. They were in charge of making the relocation decision. The civil servants worked together with the UN refugee agency. However, today, the decision is being made at a ministerial level.
The ministers are prioritizing one group over another, which is very sad. It is common to hear a minister in the House of Commons saying that these groups should be taken …