29-year-old Fahreed Kahlifa is gay, which is illegal in Syria. In his home country, people are arrested if the government finds out they are gay. The police would come into homes and take people from their sofas. For the others who are found out, experts say the government makes them disappear and no one ever hears from them again. Some would be cooking or cleaning via the faucet when they taken. Although there is a safe circle in Damascus, people still have to hide. If there is even a rumour that an individual is gay, they lose their rights; for example, working for the government or obtaining a passport.

Through outward reach, he was able to travel to Canada where he now lives in peace and is planning a wedding. Outward LGTB begin in 2013 with just 20 cases a year. Today, it handles over 1200 cases from all across the world. They are currently organizing transportation services for an individual in Uganda.

The organization is run by donations from well-wishers. It is a charitable organization. Volunteers mostly run it. In 2016, the organization managed to raise $ 500,000. This year, they will be holding a theatrical performance with acting and music to help raise funds to run the organization. It costs about $10, 000 to relocate fully an LGBT. The funds from the performance will, therefore, go a long way.

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