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Stories from gender nonconforming community members

Gender is extremely complex. It’s a mix between our physical attributes, inner sense of self and outer expression. It doesn’t always mirror the sex you were assigned at birth, nor does it always fall within the male or female binary. Gender is a spectrum with an array of shades. Along with male or female, one might identify as both or neither. And the proper term for an individual’s identity is subjective to that person. 

Out in our world

Our culture of acceptance still leaves some people facing homophobia

Graeme ColemanGraeme Coleman

GETTING THE #GoldMedalMessage OUT


Chasing Dreams with Jenna Talackova

Photos by Daniel ShoesmithPhotos by Daniel Shoesmith

Canadian transgender beauty pursues fame in new reality show on E! this winter

Jenna Talackova is leaving her hometown of Vancouver behind in a new E! reality TV series. The show, cleverly titled Brave New Girls, documents her move to Toronto where she pursues her dreams of becoming a household name and ending the taboo on transgender people. “I’m just trying to open the eyes of viewers,” said Talackova. “I hope to inspire anybody that is trying to fulfill a dream or somebody who was born different and thinks they need to meet society’s norm when they should really just be themselves.”

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