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Peter Carlyle-Gordge is a Winnipeg- based freelance writer, former producer for CBC radio and former MacLean’s writer.

Pray the gay away

Two issues ago we looked at Camp Aurora, the annual camping experience designed to allow GLBT Q* youth to socialize, play and be their authentic selves in a non-judgmental setting amongst peers. In this article we look at the opposite—camps and programs usually run by groups from the religious right that claim homosexuality is a disorder and can be made to disappear, or at least be deactivated, through the healing power of Christ.

Camp Aurora and Camp fYrefly: Lighting up the lives of GLBT youth

In ancient Roman mythology, Aurora was the goddess of the dawn, renewing herself every morning and flying across the sky to herald the arrival of the sun. Aurora the goddess is mentioned in Shakespeare, Tennyson and Thoreau. She’s also an important visitor in Manitoba every summer when the promised lighting up of darkness represented by the goddess is incorporated into Camp Aurora, an annual GLBT youth camp established in 2007.

Selling diversity

Smart businesses see huge value in supporting GLBT* community

Consider this: in 2010, Pride Toronto had an estimated economic impact of $136 million and created 600 jobs. 

Although Pride Winnipeg does not produce such impressive figures, it’s an important contributor to the local economy and it can get a company’s brand noticed. Now that Pride Winnipeg is held at The Forks, companies are exposed to tens of thousands of attendees. 

Homophobia in sports, the prairies edition

In the second part of this series, OutWords explores what local experts are doing to give LGBT athletes a new beginning

Patrick Burke's You Can Play project is a step in the right direction, but entrenched attitudes, like mountains, are only worn away over time by a steady drip of opposing ideas from people society respects.

Standing under the rainbow spotlight

Encouraging political leadership in the GLBT community

Late last September, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden hosted an end-of-summer barbecue at his official residence to recognize emerging young leaders of the GLBT community. They were joined by senior Obama administration officials and GLBT leaders from all over the country.

The guest – students and community organizers, advocates, artists and military veterans – represented the tremendous diversity and talent within the GLBT community. They were all committed activists for the pursuit of equality, justice and dignity for GLBT people. 

Now try to imagine the same happening at 24 Sussex Drive. Even though Canada has long led the U.S. when it comes to basic gay rights, gay marriage and general respect, its hard to picture, eh?

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