Girl power

How GLBTQ* women are reclaiming a heteronormative world

Ksenia PrintsKsenia Prints

Out in our world

Our culture of acceptance still leaves some people facing homophobia

Graeme ColemanGraeme Coleman

Navigating PDA

Being out in public can be a love/hate relationship

I’ll never forget feeling like prey. It was a couple of months ago when my girlfriend, Megan, and I were at a pub near our home downtown. Shortly after we arrived, we got separated when a guy stopped to talk to me while Megan got a drink. He and I talked about his brother’s death and how life can be so unexpected — an unusually deep conversation for having just met someone at a pub.


In our Health and Porn Bound Together story in Issue 205, a wrong name was printed for Kate Sinclaire. We apologize for this error.

Even a lump of coal can bear gifts

Ksenia PrintsKsenia Prints

How Russia’s oppressive laws brought a global community together

The holidays bring with them a chance for reflection, an opportunity to look back and examine our mistakes and achievements over the last year. For the international GLBTQ* community, the biggest story of 2013 has undoubtedly been the upcoming Sochi Winter Olympic Games. And boy, was there a lot to learn from in this saga.

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