Volunteer for Outwords and help shape its future

If you secretly love Winnipeg’s 18-year-old queer mag, it’s time to come out and help out. We need volunteer editors, office managers and a bookkeeper.

  • Tell us about your skills and we’ll try to match them to our needs.
  • Tell us what you want to learn and we’ll see if we can find you a mentor.
  • Tell us what you like or don’t like about OutWords and how you would make it better.

Perks: an honorarium, new skills to add to your resumé, cool friends and your name in print. Not to mention fun, a creative outlet and helping build a better world, one fabulous issue at a time. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013 
7:30 PM – 8:00 PM 
201 – 63 Albert Street, Winnipeg MB
204-942-4599 (call the office if the door is unattended and locked)

Employment Opportunity - New Media Editor - Outwords Inc.

Outwords Inc seeking a passionate, organized, tech-savy, new media focused individual with strong communication skills for the role of New Media Editor.

Outwords Inc is a Winnipeg based, LGBT publication run by a combination of part time staff and volunteers who all share the same passion for journalism, Manitoba, human rights and queer issues. 

The New Media Editor is responsible for assisting the Senior Editor and Board Members in the day-to-day communication needs of the organization on new media platforms. This position has primary responsibility for communication tasks, and secondary responsibility for strategy development with regards to those tasks.

Inclusive culture at MTS

Manitoba company hopes to be a role model for others 

Provincial telecommunications giant MTS recently introduced a series of internal changes with the aim of creating a more GLBTQ*-inclusive workplace.

Pink money

Including same-sex couples in ads can pay off

The traditional family unit has slowly dwindled over the years. The stereotypical ’50s advertisement featuring the picture-perfect family eating dinner at 5 p.m. with mom, dad and two children is no longer the norm. This begs the question, what does the normal family unit look like in today’s media? But more importantly, what does “normal” really mean?

National News Briefs

A student proposed that a school for GLBTQ* teens open in Toronto.: Photo courtesy CBCA student proposed that a school for GLBTQ* teens open in Toronto.: Photo courtesy CBC

Toronto student proposes gay segregation

TORONTO - University of Toronto student Fan Wu thinks there should be GLBTQ*-centric high schools, CBC News reported. Wu said the current situation doesn’t give members of the community classrooms that make them want to learn and let them “blossom”.

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