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Strength in diversity

GLBTQ* members and straight allies stand together in Rainbow Harmony Project 

Ready or not, here come$ life!

The different ways to save your money

Are you an industrious saver? Or do you feel the future will take care of itself? Either way, how do you know whether you’re on the right track? 

Meeting the three amigos

The group welcomes a new friend, and learns a lesson in respect

Ray ButeauRay ButeauUpon entering the coffee shop, Robert buys a coffee and spots the now-three amigos. He greets Danny and Tom and their mutual friend Jan. 

“It’s nice to meet you Jan, I’ve been looking forward to speaking with the three of you about your relationships. But before we start, can I ask how the three of you met?” 

Warmth within winter watering holes

Every city has its gay column

Compiled by Eric Plamondon

We often wonder if life is better elsewhere, or how Winnipeg compares to other cities, especially at the tail end of a brutal winter. This month, we find winter comfort in drinking establishments in Winnipeg; St. John, New Brunswick; and Zurich, Switzerland. These are but a few examples of the variety of spots out there serving as examples that every city has its gays, trying to live socially active and interesting lives. 



Console wars continue

New releases heat up the battle for the TV gamer, but no one may be watching

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