March 2013, Volume 199


EDITORIAL: Renewing an 18-year-old magazine is no easy feat
Launched by a collective in November 1994 under the title of Swerve, Winnipeg’s first LGBT magazine looked quite a bit different than the glossy publication you are reviewing right now. It was a black-and-white affair with a folding layout that unabashedly discussed sexuality, identity and politics from queer perspective. The images were bold, the words cutting, and the nowoutdated design proclaimed: “we’re here and we’re queer!”


Openly gay Ontario premier will have to mend unpopular Liberal party | Capital Pride aims to pay off large debt | Twenty RCMP officers tackle homophobia with It Gets Better video | Conservatives accused of sabotaging bill to protect transgender Canadians | Rental agent blames gay couple for slander from LGBT community

Supreme court to hear challenges to same sex marriage ban | First gay-friendly mosque an aberration, critics say | Hong Kong government ignoreS LGBT rights | UN seminar an achievement in fight for equality in Nepal | NYC’s first gay city council speaker is endorsed for mayor

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On Sept. 30, 2012, reverend Emily Carr was ordained as an Anglican deacon in the diocese of Saskatoon. In some ways, the ordination was something she had been working towards for most of her life, having first found a passion for the church when she was still a child.

Though this year’s Pride Winnipeg theme was rolled in by members of the Winnipeg Roller Derby League as the room filled with smoke, upbeat music and rainbow-coloured lights, the theme itself carries a serious message. EquALL, the theme of the 26th Pride Winnipeg festival, is meant to be a reminder that we are still fighting towards equality for all.

A little while ago, Instagram, the photo-sharing service that lets people upload pictures from their cell phones with the always-classy sepia filter (among other ‘old-time’ filters), changed its terms of service. Terms of service are legal documents that every app, website, program and service we use on the Internet has – though good luck finding most of them. The terms of service describe the relationship between the user and the service provider, laying out the rights of both sides.

The Rainbow Resource Centre’s youth co-ordinator began the meeting. “I received a letter from Robert, an older gay resource speaker, who was wondering whether anyone would be interested in taking part in a mentorship program?”

Tyler, who recently moved back to Winnipeg, decided the Pride 2013 launch Party at Gio’s would be the perfect place to reintroduce himself to the local LGBTTQ*community. Although a welcoming environment awaited him inside the club, he was met with hostility outside its doors.

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Gio’s Club and Bar on Smith Street experienced a list of lasts as it made its way to the closing night on Feb. 16, including their last Pride launch, last women’s night, last karaoke, last Genderfest party, and other classic events for the LGBT* community.

FASHION - (A) Dressing all the senses
There’s more truth than we know to the sentiment Tucan Sam and the marketing team over at Kellogg’s Fruit Loops rolled out almost a decade ago when they coined the term, “follow your nose.” Smell has long played second fiddle to the likes of the more obvious senses of sight and taste. However, this underrated hero has the power to evoke memory and even make us fall, sometimes potently against our will, for a scent packed with the right pheromones.

Bif Naked’s journey to the top wasn’t a simple climb. After being adopted by missionaries and growing up in Kentucky, Naked’s family eventually settled in Manitoba. She studied theatre at the University of Winnipeg, but soon discovered music as her calling. Six albums later, with hit songs like “Spaceman,” “Lucky,” “I Love Myself Today” and “Tango Shoes,” the 41-year-old singer has toured the world and experienced many incredible things.

Where circus meets symphony and music comes alive onstage in the bodies of some of the world’s best circus performers, you’ll find a show that’s making its Canadian premiere in Winnipeg this April. Cirque Musica is a collaboration between performers from Ringling Bros. Circus, Barnum & Bailey, Cirque du Soleil and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra (WSO) for a special sensory experience.

Having surpassed all expectations last year in both attendance and magnitude, the directors, actors, and audience of the Winnipeg Comedy Festival are prepared for yet another year of belly-hugging laughter. And before the curtain rises on the 12th production of Winnipeg’s funniest festival, OutWords sat down to talk to one of the largest success stories it helped launch, Hot Thespian Action.

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Many supposed barriers fall as social attitudes become more progressive and accepting, but one of the last icy, fear-founded outposts of discrimination is the world of sports.

It’s kind of endearing, in a way. You get on the bus after work to go home and at the next stop, a gaggle of teenagers walks on. They act as if they exist in a world of their own, like there’s no one else around. They monopolize the entire vehicle with their loud conversation and smelly snacks. Books are put down. Other conversations are stopped out of necessity. Other passengers are just minor nuisances, to be moved as far away from the teens as possible or get off a few stops early to make more room for them to spread out. Those darn kids … thinking they’re the centre of the universe again.