Despite recent steps towards making civil rights equal to everyone, lesbians, gay, bisexuals, and transexuals still face discrimination. In most countries, services for LGBT are not openly available. During a fun day, the school can decide to print custom t shirts Canada with LGBT-friendly relevant messages to create awareness among peers.

Therefore, there is a need to raise LGBT awareness.  You can raise awareness in different institutions through:

In School

The young ones are our future generation. Thus, it is essential to make them aware of matters in society and change their prejudice and judgment traits that impacted them as they grew up.

LGBT awareness in schools can be raised by:

Inviting Local Activists

The school can organize a function where local LGBT activists can be invited. By sharing their story and experiences, the students may be in a position to understand and accept them as members of society. Besides, the students get an opportunity to ask questions and get answers, which might change their perception.

Hosting A Movie Night

During the entertainment, the school can decide to watch a film that focuses on LGBT issues. Such events can help make students understand the challenges they face and their reasons for choosing their sexual orientation.

Organizing A Book Club

Depending on the school program, efforts can be made maybe monthly for the school to discuss a transgender, gay, bisexual or lesbian author.

Commemorating Important LGBT Events

There are so many events in the LGBT calendar. Such events may help raise awareness. For example, October is considered the LGBT history month which is dedicated to enhancing the teaching of LGBT history among schools and communities.

At The Workplace

There is a need to make people at the workplace understand that lesbians, gay, bisexuals, and transsexuals are our clients, colleagues, friends, suppliers, and family.

Creating A Suitable Company Culture

LGBT awareness in the workplace can be raised by creating an open company culture which gives people the freedom to decide their preferred sexual orientation. This way, each employee can be their authentic selves. By being authentic, the employees can employ their full potential, and by making them feel accepted, they will perform better.

Establishing Company Laws

The company should have strict rules against the slander of the LGBT community. Words have so much power which can result in a lot of damage. For fear of defamation, most LGBT do not come out of the closet. Hiding their sexual orientation may make them feel isolated and less credible which drains their emotional energy.

In The Community

Did you know that homosexuality had been declared as a mental disaster? WHO declassified it as a disorder on the 17th of May 1990. Since then, the day has always been commemorated.  It is upon the global community to take action on topics relating to LGBT and to promote better accepting public policies.

So many people judge the LGBT community. Creating awareness is essential to make people understand the realities of these people and why their inclusion in programs is necessary.

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