Tobacco use is a prevailing health concern that has affected the general population for thousands of years. According to the CDC, people who smoke articles pour vapoteurs terrebonne are 15 to 30 times more likely to acquire lung cancer than non-smokers. Smoking causes carcinogens to enter the lungs, and healthy lung cells eventually develop into cancerous cells over a period of time.

According to studies, young adults who belong to sexual minorities start smoking earlier than their peers. They are also reported to continue smoking up until their adulthood. Even though research has been limited among the sexual and gender minority youths, it is a fact that they are the ones who are most vulnerable.

The statistics mentioned above shows that Tobacco is widely used by the LGBT communities. If you are interested in understanding the reasons behind this, continue reading this article.

Why Do LGBT Individuals Smoke More Than Heterosexuals?

Here are some of the reasons why more LGBT members smoke:

  • Discrimination Against the LGBT Youth

It is no secret that people smoke tobacco because of nicotine’s mood-altering properties. However, it’s a common misconception that nicotine relieves stress. Studies have shown that it instead increases stress levels in the human body, and the positive feelings that you experience after smoking only work for a short time.

Even though measures have been implemented to reduce stigma against the LGBT community, they are not yet enough for them to feel comfortable opening up about their sexual orientations. This causes them to turn to tobacco use and vape for brief moments of relaxation.

  • Aggressive Marketing of Tobacco Companies Toward LGBT Communities

The tobacco industry had had a long history with the LGBT community, starting from the moment when Phillip Morris, a tobacco company, pledged hefty donations to fund AIDS research and programs as part of an effort to placate a boycott in the year 1991.

After that, more and more targeted advertisements for tobacco use for the LGBT community popped up. At first, the community felt that the increased marketing of tobacco towards them was a symbol of them no longer being excluded and that barriers were starting to fall between them and heterosexual consumers.  However, many people then and now have spoken about how harmful this marketing strategy is because smoking kills at the end of the day.

Final Words

In recent years, tobacco use has evolved in the forms of E-cigarettes, which also gave rise to the current popularity of vaping. As the industry continues to develop and grow, initiatives to inform and gain awareness about the effects of smoking on the LGBT community have to be more widespread than ever.

We must curb the problem, starting with our young adults. We must band together to advocate for the stop of targeted advertisements from tobacco industries towards the LGBT community to limit exposure to media that encourages our children to smoke.

We must also continue to fight against discrimination so that LGBT individuals would no longer feel the need to rely on tobacco use to deal with the stigma that comes with their sexual orientations.

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