There have been reports of growing interest in CBD Canada for the past years. Most people who are connected to LGBTQ campaigns confirm that they use CBD products. This came about amid the legalization of using cannabis products in many states.

Many businesses in the CBD industry also reported a boost in their sales. They also noticed that the LGBTQ group is one of their top customers.

But how did CBD find its niche in the LGBTQ community? Keep reading to find out.

How the CBD Interest Grew in LGBTQ Community

LGBTQ members often experience discrimination. Using CBD products has helped them overcome depression and other conditions related to mental health. There are also reports saying that CBD might not be the only supplement customers in the LGBTQ community use or support.

CivicScience reported that the use of CBD among the LGBTQ community is overall stable. Their report shows that about 33% of the members use CBD products to deal with anxiety and depression.

Moreover, there was an increase among the members who are using CBD. In the past 2 months, it spiked from 33% to 45%. There’s only 6% who either haven’t yet tried or has no plans to try CBD.

There was also a 6% drop among the members who have not heard about CBD products. To put it simply, the report shows that many members of the community are becoming more familiar with the products.

It has been predicted by experts that CBD oil’s revenue will keep increasing starting from 2021. Since it’s popular, many LGBTQ members have started their CBD businesses.

One of these companies is Out & About. Their businesses’ goal is to aid members of the LGBTQ community suffering from depression and anxiety through natural supplements. It’s a common issue that can be seen even outside the community. Apart from proper medication, CBD products are one of the safest ways that can help them calm down and relax.

CBD and the Pandemic

One of the significant factors why CBD has become more popular is the pandemic. According to statistics, there was a big increase when lockdowns and infection rates were at their peak. The data provided concluded that the reason for this was to help them get through the mental health difficulties caused by the pandemic. It has caused people to lose their jobs, their income streams, and in some cases, their loved ones. It has made a huge impact on everyone, especially those who have mental illnesses.

Huge Support from the Community

About 52% of the community members have expressed their full support for state laws that will regulate, tax, and make the use of marijuana legal. The same state laws have been made for the consumption of alcohol.

Finally, you understand why there is more interest in using CBD oil in the LGBTQ community. It is safe to say that the use of products with CBD in the community will increase significantly in the next years to come.

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