How to Raise LGBT Awareness

Despite recent steps towards making civil rights equal to everyone, lesbians, gay, bisexuals, and transexuals still face discrimination. In most countries, services for LGBT are not openly available. During a fun day, the school can decide to print custom t shirts Canada with LGBT-friendly relevant messages to create awareness among peers.
Therefore, there is a need to raise LGBT awareness.  You can raise awareness in different institutions through:
In School
The young ones are our future generation. Thus, it is essential to make them aware of matters in society and …

Taren and Musa Story

Their story is similar to Khalid. The couple from Syria is now living a happy life in Toronto after contacting Outward LGBT Community.
In Syria, they had lived in secret and they had kept their relationship in the closet. Being gay is a criminal offence in Syria. Taren and Musa lived in constant fear if anyone found out.
Eventually, they decided to reach out to Outward LGBT community to help them relocate to a new country where they can be free to live out their relationship and grow old together happily.
In Toronto, they were allocated an apartment and are now safe and proud of their relationship. They are very grateful for Outward LGBT Community for making…


Khalid Story

Khalid was initially from Russia. Gay men were being tortured and being beaten to death. Through reports by Irina Gordienko and Elena Milashina, stories of the horror unfolding in Chechnya, Russia reached the entire world.
The Novaya Gazeta reported that they were indeed evidence that gay men were being tortured and killed in Russia. Outward LGBT Community immediately reached out to the Russian LGBT network to set up safe houses or people who managed to escape the anti-homosexual purge.
Khalid was one of them. He took a leap of faith and contacted Outward LBGT Community.
He was afraid that the community might be working with the police. Today, he is living a…