If you are considering getting out, the most important factor to consider is safety. It is critical that you analyze the various strategies on how to escape. Outwards LGBT Community is not an immigration service or a legal advice office, it’s, therefore, your responsibility to get the required documents and legal papers.

Outwards LGBT Community is a small organization that has limited resources, but we try our best to increase the services to everyone. It also takes time to build a relationship with some of the countries, which have high-risk individuals. This is why the organization has not grown rapidly. However, we have already established 18 different routes from different countries. We are also working with other neighbouring countries in order to find suitable locations that the LGBT can escape.

Below is information about some of the process that is followed in order to get help. The outline is mainly for relocation in Canada and other North American countries.

  1. Verification

The first step is to verify the identity of the individual requesting for help. This is to help avoid cases of fraud and stowaways. It will also help Outward LGBT to focus its limited resources on individuals who are legitimately at risk; there are some cases which are referred to us by LGBT organizations in the country. These organizations inform us of an individual who is in legitimate need of assistance. All information received is confidential and all employees are required to fill in a confidentiality form or a non-disclosure form.

Sometimes, an individual may send additional documents supporting the claim that they are at risk. For example, a letter from a close friend or from a relative, letters from romantic partners confirming they are LGBT, hospital or police records showing that they have experienced brutality because of their sexual orientation or any other supporting photographs or documents.

  1. Developing A Plan

Once the details have been verified, the individual can now begin to find an appropriate form of transport. For air travel, the member is required to identify the travel documents that they have and which countries they can legally travel.

  1. Request Funding

Once a plan has been developed and all the are documents verified, the request is sent to receive funds. Outward LGBT Community usually provides funds for a visa, airfare, local transportation, and other incidental fees. Usually, the funds are released according to priority.

After approval, the community will contact you within a week. However, given the number of pressing demands from people in high-risk countries, it may take a little longer.