Vaping has become one of the popular options for Vape industry experts addicted to nicotine. The dangerous chemicals which exist in cigarettes are removed so as to reduce health risks. The use of vapors has a good short term effect and a bad long term one. The most common long-term effect is damaged lungs which even lead to death in serious cases.

Using vapors will drastically lower nicotine levels so as to cater to addicted cigarette smokers. 8mg of nicotine is recommended for such addicts. The users improve as they constantly lower nicotine levels until they require it no more. Many have tried this method and ultimately they are free from addiction. This indicates how significant Vaping is in the LGBTQ community.

For addicts, it is much easier to manage smoking urges because a vaping device can be turned on at any time. There will be no more schedules to light up a cigarette when a smoking urge comes up. It is an effective way of controlling nicotine levels entering the body. The urges are what make people smoke therefore vaping is a good solution.

Most people who undergo mental problems find a solution by smoking. It is believed to bring a relaxation mode hence embraced by many. With continues smoking, the users are finally addicted and this poses risks to their health. Such people are unable to perform daily chores without taking several puffs of a cigarette.

When it comes to parties, smoking is very common. Most people meet in recreational facilities and end up doing a lot of cigarettes. Some people from this community do not like staying at home, therefore, embrace such a social life. Many drugs are abused in such places and definitely, they result in addiction in the long run. In addition, a lot of physical damage occurs in the bodies of addicts without their knowledge.

There is a lot of negative perception of this community from the outside world. The following are common health issues connected to such discrimination.

  • Depression resulted from continued stigmatization. Some do not even leave their homes because they have nobody to rely on. Loneliness will always worsen the level of depression.
  • Anxiety due to continued attacks from the outside world. They fear going outside because anything bad can happen to them. Anxiety is a trigger to escalated depression.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder due to attacks that emanate from terrorist activities. It once happened and many were killed and others wounded. Most survivors suffered from PTSD because of what they went through or witnessed during that unfortunate attack.
  • Suicidal cases due to loneliness and being ignored severally. A feeling of rejection makes individuals commit suicide because they feel nobody cares for them. They feel unwanted hence have no meaning in society.


This summary brings a better understanding of the LGBTQ community. Ways to help them can be planned after understanding their way of living. The outside world is their bigger challenge because this is where discrimination starts. If they are shown some love and attention, the associated problems can be immensely reduced.

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